Making that Dough

Okay, so if you are like me you know there are so many things you should be doing during quarantine, yet you choose to do the one thing that is not on your to-do list, and will take all your attention away from what you SHOULD be doing. So here we are making that dough, and not just any dough,sourdough! As you know I am gluten free (not by choice) so this is an extra hard challenge. I decided to give this a try when my mom in love successfully baked sourdough bread. Something you need to understand is Shiquita Yarbrough is one of the best cooks, bakers and kitchen creators I have ever met. I would be like me trying to paint like Picasso. Seriously. So I am going to leave it at that. SO basically with sourdough you need to make a starter and I went through he process and didn't quite document what I was doing (sorry guys). BUT now I will redo everything because I was fairly unsuccessful! So cheers to round two of baking bread. (Side note my husband told me I am putting a lot of time into making this bread and I quote, "Dani are you planning on becoming a professional baker because you have spent the last three days on this."... I will keep you posted!-- Comment your thoughts, questions, or if you have any advice! Tag me on instagram

danielleherrin and use #staycreative.

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